Awaken Your Health This Spring!

Spring is almost here, which means that it is time to shed our winter weight (both physically and emotionally) and begin our transition towards feeling lighter, warmer and totally renewed.

The foods that are in season during the spring naturally support detoxification – its nature’s way of letting us know its time to refresh and revitalize! Looking around at your farmers market, you may begin to notice fresh greens, tiny sprouts, asparagus, brightly colored berries and cherries, and early spring roots. These foods support us as we shift away from the heavy, warming and fatty foods of winter and begin to incorporate more of these light, fresh and naturally cleansing foods in early Spring.


This April, we want to help you get back into the rhythm of the season and begin to feel lighter and brighter in your body …. Awaken Your Health Cleanse is just how we plan to do that! In this 5-day cleanse, you will be learning about and incorporating foods, herbs and supplements that supports the body this time of year, helping you to shed the winter months and welcome spring with open arms.

Not only will we be emphasizing the cleansing foods of Spring, we will also be introducing healthy eating habits that you can practice throughout the year! We want you to walk away from this cleanse feeling rejuvenated and renewed, but also with a better understanding of how you can eat right for your body long after this 5-day cleanse is over.

If this sounds like just the thing you have been looking for, please head over to our website to learn more… We answered a bunch of questions to help you get clear about what this cleanse is all about and if its right for you. And of course, you can contact us if you have a questions or concern about something we didn’t cover.



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