Eating Superfoods!

Are you ready to increase the nutritional value of your meals!?
Do you want to learn how to incorporate some of the worlds most nutritious foods into your diet in easy and flavorful ways!?
Have you been hearing about spirulina, maca powder and chia seeds, but are unsure what to do with them!?
Then we hope you will join us for this fun and delicious workshop!
a&j west elm
On Wednesday, June 11th at West Elm Broadway in NYC, Holistic Health and Nutrition Coaches Amanda Carney  and Jackie Damboragian will be introducing their favorite superfoods, discussing why they are so darn good for us, and sharing different ways to include them into simple and tasty meals.
 This class will include:
* simple suggestions on how to add superfoods into your diet
* a personal introduction to each superfood where you will have the opportunity to see, touch and taste each food
* a detailed discussion around each superfood, describing what each one is traditionally used for and what it can offer you
* informative handouts on each food and recipes that are simple and delicious
* the opportunity to sample different dishes made with superfoods
* a beautiful environment to share, learn and connect with like-minded people
* additional time for Q & A
* the opportunity to sign up for a free health consultation with Amanda or Jackie

If you’re not currently eating these foods, you’re missing out!  Join us and discover how you can increase your health, energy and vitality!

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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at



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