About CW

a and j train cropped

Hi!  We’re Amanda & Jackie, founders of Crafted Wellness and long time friends, and we are on a mission to inspire you to live healthier.  We want to bring more whole foods to your plate and put more gratitude in your heart, and this is our special place where we will do just that!

Here, we will share our health techniques, some of our favorite recipes, and all other random acts of wellness that we experience in our day to day lives.  We all have up’s and down’s in the world of happy and healthy living, but we believe that with the right ingredients and a positive frame of mind, anyone can craft their own path to well being, and we are here to support and encourage that awesome journey.

So read on, send us your feedback, and enjoy!  We love that you are here!

with love and greens,

Amanda & Jackie


One thought on “About CW

  1. Hello Beautiful Blogger Award Recipient. I hope my mention in Pink Coconuts and the Best Reality Show Ever brings some readers your way. Thanks for being among the best online reality shows ever!

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